Handmade Pottery and Ceramic art

Handmade Pottery and Ceramic art

Handmade Pottery and Ceramic artHandmade Pottery and Ceramic artHandmade Pottery and Ceramic art

About Me



Andrew Tremain is a ceramic artist based in Tapping, Western Australia.

Andrew was born in Southeast England in 1968 and emigrated to Australia in 2005 with his wife Asha. He has had a love of art and making things from an early age and expressed that over the years through paintings and making things as a hobby.

He found his passion for ceramics in 2016 after taking a ceramics coarse at Northbridge Metropolitan TAFE Perth, learning from West Australian artists Cher Shackleton and Warrick Palmateer.

My Work


Andrew came across crystalline glazed ceramics in 2017 and was immediately captivated by these beautiful crystals that form in the glaze. He then immersed himself in researching this glazing technique and experimenting with making his own crystalline glaze recipes and firing schedules.

Crystalline glazes are expensive and time consuming to produce. There can be many failures, but when it all goes right the results are spectacular.


“Making my own glazes I love to experiment to find new colour combinations and throwing forms to best enhance the crystal formations.”